Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick’s checkered past under scrutiny

At least three women have now come forward with allegations that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted or made unwanted sexual advances toward them — but the checkered past of the third woman to share her story is now coming to light.

Reports are alleging that Julie Swetnick, Kavanaugh’s third accuser who is being represented legally by Stormy Daniels’ infamous lawyer Michael Avenatti, has a history of fraudulent legal suits up her sleeve. 

Previous Allegations

Sexual misconduct allegations are nothing new to Swetnick, who was involved in a serious sexual harassment case years ago at one of her previous employers, Webtrends.

Two of her male coworkers at the company alleged that Swetnick acted unprofessionally and made unwanted sexual advances toward them during a business lunch.

Swetnick, in turn, tried to turn the allegations around on the men, alleging that they had harassed her.

The company’s human resources department ultimately found Swetnick to be at fault for the incident.

Other Lawsuits

Swetnick hasn’t limited herself to false sexual allegations, however.

She was also involved in what appears to be a fraudulent case over workers compensation, wherein she was seeking more than $400,000.

The lawsuit was eventually settled without Swetnick receiving a cent from the company she had filed against.

Additionally, in 1994, Swetnick filed suit against the local Washington transit authority.

Meanwhile, her current attorney, Avenatti, says those cases have no bearing on his client’s current case whatsoever.

After all, just because she has a proven past of filing bogus lawsuits, that is no reason to believe she is not telling the truth this time, right?

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While Democrats continue to jump all over Kavanaugh and his credibility, nobody has been checking into the credibility of his accusers.

If Kavanaugh is going to be scrutinized to this degree, it’s only fair to have his accusers checked out with the same scrutiny.

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