Julie Andrews shares details from her first Hollywood love scene

One of the most respected actresses of our time has made some stunning revelations in her new memoir.

Julie Andrews, a Hollywood legend, shocked fans when she came right out and said in her memoir that her knees literally buckled after her first love scene.

Andrews told the story during an interview with ABC News to promote her new memoir, “Home Work: A Memoir of Hollywood Years.”

Getting a Little Hot

Filming a love scene for the first time is probably one of the most intimidating undertakings for any actor or actress.

When standing next to a rising star and Hollywood “hunk,” as James Garner was at the time, well, that can make it even more intimidating.

That, however, is exactly where Andrews found herself and she was admittedly clueless about how to go about the business of filming the scene. “I had no idea what — one [was] supposed to do,” Andrews said, “with a kiss and all of that.”

Andrews managed to get through the scene, but it definitely left a lasting impression on her. She stated, “I began to think, ‘It’s getting a little hot in here.’ And when I got up, I kept thinking, ‘I can manage this.’ And I got up and my legs buckled because it really had hit me rather hard.” Watch below:

True Hollywood Icon

There honestly may not be a more wholesome and iconic figure in the history of Hollywood than Julie Andrews. Her acting career started in 1949, but it was her leading role in 1964’s “Mary Poppins” that truly put her in a different class.

Andrews followed up that epic performance with another massive hit in 1965, “The Sound of Music.” Unlike most stars of her time, Andrews seemed to be more worried about quality rather than simply cashing in on her stardom.

After seven decades in the industry, she has an amazingly paltry 49 credits to her name, including her role most recent role in “Bridgerton,” a new TV series that is currently filming.

Some of her more notable films during her illustrious career are “10,” “S.O.B.,” “Victor Victoria,” and “On Golden Pond.”

Andrews has been nominated for 33 awards during her career, including lead actress three times (she won the Oscar in 1965 for “Mary Poppins”). Andrews’ new book officially goes on sale on Tuesday.

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