Judges Announce they’ll Pass on Yale Law Students When Hiring Clerks

Leftist students at Yale Law School are just doing what leftist students do.

According to a report at the Washington Free Beacon, they’ve attacked one student who had a membership in the conservative Federalist society.

And more than a hundred disrupted a bipartisan panel on civil liberties, triggering so much chaos police were called, an incident that allowed Yale officials to deny the students had violated any rule.

And a random assortment of other incidents in which the liberal ideology was evident.

But now they may end up paying the price.

The Free Beacon revealed that already a dozen federal judges say they no longer will hire law clerks from that particular law school.

Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho announced recently he would no longer hire law clerks from the nation’s top-ranked law school, and another dozen judges on both circuit and district courts joined – but remained anonymous.

“Students should be mindful that they will face diminished opportunities if they go to Yale,” said a circuit judge whose clerks have gone on to nab Supreme Court clerkships. “I have no confidence that they’re being taught anything.”

Explained the Free Beacon, “If the boycott catches on among other right-leaning judges, it could deal a serious blow to Yale Law School, which has maintained the top spot in the U.S. News and World Report rankings since the publication began ranking law schools in the 1980s. Clerkships, particularly on the federal bench, are coveted jobs in the legal profession, and many students choose Yale over other elite law schools because its graduates have historically had the best shot of clerking for prominent judges. A boycott could change that calculus, forcing Yale administrators to rein in activist students and colleagues if they want to keep attracting the best and brightest—and if they want to maintain even a fig leaf of ideological diversity.”

The report said the judges cited incidents in which free speech was opposed.

The report explained the law school has done almost nothing to address the atmosphere on campus. And one judge told the Free Beacon that some judges already were avoiding its students, although not in any formal boycott way.

“Several judges noted that Yale is the only elite law school that does not employ a single prominent conservative scholar, which they argued had made it more susceptible to groupthink,” the report noted.

Besides the students’ actions, some judges reported it was hard to evaluate them because the school’s “ideological monoculture” provided no trustworthy professors who could offer evaluations.

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