Federal judge rules Trump cannot divert $89 million in Pentagon funds to border wall

Although President Donald Trump has made some progress in his mission to quash illegal immigration, he just received another major setback from a federal judge in Washington state.

Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein ruled on Thursday that Trump cannot divert the $89 million that was previously earmarked to build a new submarine dock to the border wall project, The Washington Times reported.

Here we go again

With a precedent in place by the Supreme Court on this very issue, it seemed as though the lawsuit would have been frivolous. That, however, was not the case.

When the lawsuit filed by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson to block the diverting of the funds from the Pentagon landed before a Carter-appointed judge, this outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Judge Barbara Rothstein, who was appointed to the bench in 1980 by Jimmy Carter, said there were exceptions that made this case different from a Supreme Court case that allowed Trump to move forward with funding reallocation.

Rothstein maintained that Congress has specifically declined to appropriate the funding the President wanted, so he cannot legally reallocate funds on a whim. She further declared that funds earmarked for military construction cannot be used for domestic law enforcement.

About that promise…

In the overall scheme of things, this ruling may not amount to much, but it will surely start the ball rolling for similar suits to be filed.

Even if they fail, it will tie the funding up again, which could further delay the construction of the wall, giving Democrats something to use against Trump.

Now, keep in mind, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently wrote a scathing dissent on the politicizing of the judiciary, accusing conservative judges of bowing to Trump, according to Fox News.

She got it right in that the judiciary is tainted, but she got it wrong in that the liberal side of the bench is where this has occurred — not the right.

When an ideologically liberal judge goes against a Supreme Court ruling, how is that judge not ruling on her own ideology rather than the rule of law?

This is exactly why Republicans need to take the House back and ensure we have a Congress that will work with the president, not fight him every step of the way.

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