Judge agrees to keep Epstein settlement agreement secret in Prince Andrew case

New details continue to emerge from the sordid saga involving Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender who died behind bars in 2019.

According to Fox News, a judge ruled this week that a 2009 settlement agreement between Epstein and accuser Virginia Giuffre will be kept private.

Judge sides with Prince Andrew’s attorney

Giuffre claimed that Prince Andrew, Duke of York, sexually assaulted her. The prince’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, filed a motion requesting that the settlement be kept under wraps for now.

U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan obliged, handing down a decision in Brettler’s favor as the attorney prepares to file his arguments in the case.

Although the lawyer wants to include the settlement agreement in his arguments, he indicated that he does not want it to be made public at this time. He has cited the agreement as important to the case because it “releases Prince Andrew and others from any purported liability arising from the claims Ms. Giuffre asserted against Prince Andrew here.”

Kaplan agreed to keep it private for the time being but made it clear in his decision that either he or the judge overseeing the Epstein case may opt to make the document public in the future.

It appears that Brettler is the only party in the matter with a desire to keep the terms of the agreement private. Epstein’s estate has not requested that it be kept from the public and Giuffree has not weighed in on the matter.

Details of the lawsuit

The underlying lawsuit was filed by Giuffre against Prince Andrew in August and specifically accuses him of intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery.

As for the alleged incident, Giuffre claims it occurred in 2001 when she was just 17. In her suit, she claims that Epstein forced her to have sex with Andrew multiple times.

For his part, the prince has denied any wrongdoing and his attorney hopes to have the entire case dismissed.

A hearing is scheduled for early next month, though it will likely be months later before any real progress is made. Prince Andrew is required to appear for a deposition to answer questions about the alleged sexual assault by July 14.

The outcome of the lawsuit remains to be seen, but it seems clear that there are at least a few more chapters in the perverse narrative surrounding Epstein and his inner circle.

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