Judge rules in favor of Nicholas Sandmann in case against NBC

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann has gotten the go-ahead from a federal judge on his $275 million libel lawsuit against NBC, the Washington Examiner reported Friday. It’s a crucial victory for someone who has had their name and image dragged through the mud by the media.

Sandmann’s case isn’t about him — it’s about checking the power of the media, something that President Donald Trump is sure to appreciate.

Vile and malicious

The media portrayed Nicholas Sandmann as a racist white kid using out of context clips. Indeed, they used their power to attempt to destroy the reputation of a 16-year-old — and the left jumped right in on it.

According to the New York Post, numerous blue-check journalists on Twitter called for violence against Sandmann, a high school student who was simply attempting to participate in the annual March for Life event in Washington when he was accosted by a group of political activists hurling vile insults.

Soon after the incident, Sandmann filed a lawsuit against NBCUniversal, suing for libel. The media conglomerate attempted to have the courts dismiss the case, but their request was just dismissed by federal Judge William Bertelsman.

According to the Examiner, Bartelsman’s decision indicated that “NBC had falsely reported that Sandmann ‘blocked’ Nathan Phillips, the Native American man in the photograph, and ‘did not allow him to retreat.’ Given that the reports were false, they could be libelous, as well,” the judge noted.

Hold the media accountable

The situation shows just how much power the media has to endanger innocent people and ruin their lives.

This case matters because it will remind any media corporation that it cannot attack and slander someone without evidence or repercussions.

This case is important for the freedoms of all Americans. The media has too long run roughshod over Americans who don’t have the resources to fight back.

Sandmann did nothing wrong and faced numerous death threats because of the lies that were spread about him. Not only does the media need to be held accountable, but the people that bought into the false narrative should be, as well.

The political discourse in our nation has sunk so low, the Covington Catholic situation needs to be remembered.

Nick Sandmann’s $275 million libel lawsuit against NBC might help the media understand that the American people are no longer willing to let them control the narrative.

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