Judge reverses Sandmann ruling, allowing him to sue WaPo

A young Trump supporter will finally get his day in court.

After originally dismissing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann’s defamation case against The Washington Post, a judge has now reversed his ruling and will allow the case against the Post to proceed, according to Breitbart.

Massive Misreporting

When a group of MAGA hat-wearing students from Covington Catholic High School stood toe-to-toe with a Native American protester named Nathan Phillips, it made national news.

Leading the way on the report were CNN and The Washington Post. The image of 16-year-old Nick Sandmann smiling while Phillips berated him went viral, as did the story portraying Sandmann and his fellow students as racists.

The media — specifically The Washington Post, CNN, and NBC — did not specially mention Sandmann by name, but there was no mistaking the fact they were portraying him as both the instigator and a racist.

The only problem was the reporting was shoddy and told only a partial story — the part that would get them clicks and portray a young conservative and Trump supporter as a racist.

Getting it Right

After the story broke, Sandmann became a target for liberals to attack, and attack is just what they did.

Later, though, the full video of the event was published, showing that Sandmann and his fellow students were not the ones that instigated the confrontation. Instead, it was a group of activists who were shouting racist insults at the high-schoolers.

Additionally, the one the media made out to be an innocent bystander — Nathan Phillips — was another protester who actually approached Sandmann, not the other way around.

Sandmann would eventually sue the news outlets, but the case was thrown out because the judge stated the outlets never specifically named Sandmann and their rhetoric was protected by the First Amendment.

Now, the judge has partially reversed his decision and is allowing Sandmann’s defamation case to proceed.

Finally, the mainstream media will be held accountable for its actions. This case is far from over, but this is a clear victory — for now.

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