Judge releases additional documents that could provide Biden's motives for the raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence

 April 26, 2024

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon ordered the release of more classified documents that offer insight into the 2022 raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, Fox News reported. It's possible the seizure was about concealing his predecessor's dark ambitions that would have changed the world.

The FBI raided Trump's Palm Beach, Florida, home on Aug. 8, 2022, to recover documents the government claims he unlawfully kept. Trump is currently being prosecuted for allegedly mishandling the classified material.

On Monday, Cannon ordered several more documents unsealed in his case as proceedings continue, including one outlining "Plasmic Echo." This was the code name given to the eventual raid of Trump's home and provided insight into how it all unfolded.

"This document contains information that is restricted to case participants," the newly-released document said. "PLASMIC ECHO; Mishandling Classified or National Defense Information, Unknown Subject; Sensitive Investigation Matter," it added.

A Possible Motive

The documents show the genesis of the raid from its inception to its execution. Attorney General Merrick Garland approved a "full investigation" that included going to Trump's private residence to retrieve the materials.

The government was very interested in taking back these materials and required dozens of personnel from across several agencies to carry it out. Author Julie Kelly shared a photo of the unredacted documents that may provide a clue as to why it was so important to them.

The document doesn't say what they were specifically after, but it could be that President Joe Biden didn't want particular information to circulate. One passage from the document is telling as it relates to former President Barack Obama and Trump's later claims that he was about to start a war with North Korea, CNBC reported.

"There is one accordian folder in the mess so it stood out. It contained, among other things, the Obama letter and North Korea correspondence. We need to verify that all of the correspondence is there. But I think we are in good shape," the report noted.

Obama's War Plans

Trump said that he met with Obama shortly after being sworn in. "When I came into office, I met right there in the Oval Office with President Obama," Trump recalled in 2019.

"And I sat in those beautiful chairs, and we talked, it was supposed to be 15 minutes, as you know, it ended up being many times longer than that. And I said what’s the biggest problem? He said by far, North Korea," Trump pointed out.

"I don’t want to speak for him, but I believe he would’ve gone to war with North Korea. I think he was ready to go to war. In fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea," Trump said.

If this is true, it makes sense why the FBI was so interested in being "in good shape" after the raid. The motive may have had something to do with concealing Obama's plans for a war with North Korea that would have had catastrophic effects on world politics.

Although it's only a theory some may formulate when connecting the dots, there's no denying that this raid was planned and executed by the administration run by Obama's former vice president. Obama and Biden may have both had much to lose, and the raid and recovery would be the perfect way out.

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