Judge refuses to define 'woman' in lawsuit over transgender sorority member

August 30, 2023
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In a ruling that will no doubt seem insane to many observers, a federal court has refused to define the term "woman" in a transgender-related lawsuit. 

According to Breitbart, that decision came down late last week from Wyoming U.S. District Court Judge Alan Johnson.

Lawsuit concerned 260-pound male sorority "sister"

In his opinion, Johnson dismissed a lawsuit filed by six sorority sisters who belong to the University of Wyoming's Kappa Kappa Gamma.

The six women objected to the presence of Dallin "Artemis" Langford, a 6'2, 260-pound biological male who had joined their sorority.

In addition to being a student at the University of Wyoming, Lanford also serves as a legislative intern for state Democrats.

Man accused of deviant behavior

As the website Reduxx noted, Langford had been accused of engaging in harassing behavior, including watching them undress while erect.

"One sorority member walked down the hall to take a shower, wearing only a towel. She felt an unsettling presence, turned, and saw [Langford] watching her silently," their lawsuit asserted.

"[Langford] has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings. Other times, he has had a pillow in his lap," the suit complained.

The lawsuit was originally filed by seven sorority members, however one woman removed herself from it after learning that the names of plaintiffs would not be kept confidential.

Judge points to sorority's LGBTQIA+ guide

While the plaintiffs argued that Langford did not qualify as a woman for purposes of membership, Johnson stressed that the term is not defined in their sorority's bylaws.

"The delegate of a private, voluntary organization interpreted 'woman,' otherwise undefined in the nonprofit’s bylaws, expansively; this Judge may not invade Kappa Kappa Gamma's freedom of expressive association and inject the circumscribed definition Plaintiffs urge," he added.

"The University of Wyoming chapter voted to admit — and, more broadly, a sorority of hundreds of thousands approved — Langford. With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the Court will not define 'woman' today,'" Johnson wrote.

What's more, the judge pointed to the "Guide for Supporting our LGBTQIA+ Members" which Kappa Kappa Gamma publishes. It states that organization is "comprised of women and individuals who identify as women."

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