Judge refuses to ban media from Sarah Palin son’s trial

Track Palin, the son of Sarah Palin, will now have two battles to face.

He not only has to defend his previous actions to a judge, but also within the media, as his  request to have the media banned from his trial was denied by the sitting judge.

The Crime

Palin is in court for assaulting his father.

According to the report, Palin had been out drinking when he called his parents house to tell his father he was coming to get the truck.

His father told him no.

Track had been drinking and his father was not about to let him get himself in trouble by drinking and driving.

When Track showed up, his father appeared at the door, armed.

Track then reportedly went around back, broke in, then assaulted his father.

Banning the Media

Track Palin is a veteran, so the court he is appearing before is a special veterans court.

The reason Palin wanted the media banned was to protect his fellow veterans from being embarrassed.

The judge met him halfway.

Rather than banning the media outright, the judge agreed to ban cameras from the courtroom.

“Yeah, I don’t buy it, so I’ll ban cameras for you, but reporters are still gonna be allowed to come in here and document everything that happens and then go and report on it because if I ban them, I’m then denying them their constitutional rights,” the judge said.

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The case itself is receiving widespread coverage because of Sarah Palin’s political career and her support of President Donald Trump.

Liberal media members have already been ripping the family over the domestic abuse, so the outcome of this case will be highly scrutinized either way.

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