Judge praises Trump administration for quickly reuniting families at border

Liberals continue to protest the Trump administration’s crackdown on immigration.

But a federal judge recently applauded the administration for how quickly it is working to reunite undocumented immigrant children with their families.

Working Quickly

When news of immigrant children being separated from their parents at detention facilities surfaced, liberals went bonkers, and used the opportunity to get up on their soapboxes to pitch the evil that is Donald Trump.

All the administration was doing, however, was enforcing legislation that was already on the books.

What nobody seems to realize, though, is this process started while Barack Obama was in office.

Obama even once warned these people not to send their children here, or they would be sent back.

Due to the processing needed for undocumented immigrants, children and adults are processed separately.

That being the case, children are (and have been for years) separated from their parents while this processing takes place.

But due to the widespread liberal outrage, the Trump administration stepped up efforts to get parents processed quicker and reunited with their children.

Keep in mind, though, that this happened at the taxpayer’s expense, due to the additional staff needed to make this happen.

Seeing the uptick in processing, the judge said the administration has made “very promising” progress with its reunification efforts.

Judge Dana Sabraw added: “I’m very impressed with the effort being made.”

False Narrative

Democrats continue to use the immigration crackdown to spew the hate angle about the Trump administration.

Joe Biden, who was vice president when the Obama administration was doing the same thing, has even called it “one of the darkest moments in our country.”

But Biden also called it “this administration’s policy”– but it isn’t.

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Biden himself was in office when these processing centers were built, and the original uptick in border enforcement occurred due to a surge in undocumented immigrants — especially children — coming to the United States.

All Trump is doing is fixing their mess, as usual.

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