Judge Pirro issues scathing accusation against Robert Mueller

According to Judge Jeanine Pirro, there is only one reason that Robert Mueller held that stunning press conference last week.

Judge Jeanine just ended any pretense that Mueller was fair in how he conducted his investigation. In Pirro’s opinion, the specific wording used by Mueller makes it very clear he is working for the Democrats.

No Doubt About It

The Mueller investigation has been over for about two months now. There didn’t seem to be a real reason for him to hold his own press conference after the fact.

As far as Americans were concerned, his job ended the moment he handed the report over to the Attorney General. However, he felt the need to give Democrats a bit more fodder to pursue collusion and obstruction charges.

Pirro stated, “The reason that Robert Mueller spoke publicly this week is because he was more worried about his legacy that he was in protecting this country.”

“This is counter to everything he was taught and supposedly stood for, and it not only disappointing but politically damaging.”

Buyer’s Remorse

Conservatives accepted the Mueller report at face value. The report clearly exonerated Trump on collusion and stated there was not enough evidence one way or the other to make a declaration about obstruction.

Since there was no original crime and there was not enough evidence to make a call on obstruction, it should be case closed, right?

Wrong. Mueller seems to be upset about how he is now being perceived by Democrats and is doing everything he can to fix that…

When Mueller made his statements, he did the opposite of what everyone in this country expected from a prosecutor.

If you don’t have evidence to prosecute, you don’t make a statement to encourage people to pursue the case.

Instead, Mueller gave Democrats the fodder they needed to continue to stir this pot and in the process, he proved his true loyalty lies with the Democrat party, not the American people.

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