Tax Court judge orders the IRS to reveal if it investigated the Clinton Foundation

A U.S. Tax Court judge has issued an order requiring the Internal Revenue Service to clarify if it investigated the Clinton Foundation after irregularities in records were discovered, Just the News reported.

U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson made the order in relation to a complaint from forensic financial investigators Lawrence W. Doyle and John F. Moynihan. The IRS reportedly claimed that there had been no criminal investigation of the Clinton Foundation, which according to Judge Gustafson, “was not supported by the administrative record and thus constituted an abuse of discretion.”

Gustafson continued saying, “The WO [Whistleblower Office] must further investigate to determine whether CI [criminal investigative division] proceeded with an investigation based on petitioners’ information and collected proceeds. It seems clear we should remand the case to the WO so that it can explore this gap.”

The Clinton Foundation, run by two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton, was exposed as nothing more than a way for the Clintons to enrich themselves after the election in 2016.

IRS covering for Clintons

Doyle and Moynihan told a House committee in December 2018 that the Clinton Foundation wasn’t just corrupt; they also broke the rules. They allege that the Clinton Foundation wrongly operated as a foreign lobbyist by influencing U.S. policy with foreign funds.

Essentially, Judge Gustafson has ordered an audit of IRS records, which could have any number of implications for the Clintons.

While the Clinton Foundation claims that there were past issues with compliance, they have reportedly corrected those problems. This latest development could put that claim to the test.

Gustafson continued, saying, “There are facts and information, uniquely within the knowledge of the Whistleblower Office that need to be considered in connection with the resolution of the petitioner’s claim.”

No doubt this latest development will draw significant interest from Republicans looking for a way to take down the Clintons after years of corruption and manipulation.

Clintons surrounded by investigations

The Clintons keep popping up in ongoing investigations despite their significant drawback from politics. Back in September 2020, John Durham, the federal prosecutor reviewing the FBI’s Russia investigation, was investigating the FBI’s handling of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Somehow the Clintons keep finding themselves the subject of different federal investigations. One has to wonder how long it will be before one of those investigations reveals something truly damaging.

If it is discovered that the IRS is covering for the Clintons and their shady foundation, that would be yet another horrific scandal for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

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