Judge orders hearing to further probe FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane

A federal judge has ordered a hearing to declassify and explore the circumstances surrounding Crossfire Hurricane, the name given to an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

With an ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit launched by the advocacy group Judicial Watch, speculation is swirling that the facts could implicate the Obama administration in misusing the FBI to sabotage the Trump campaign.

Full declassification

Thanks to the recent court decision, there will now be a full declassification and release of “electronic communication” related to the Crossfire Hurricane probe.

For its part, Judicial Watch has already obtained a redacted version of communications from FBI official Peter Strzock, which is being used as the basis for demanding full declassification.

The group is seeking to answer a variety of questions surrounding the FBI investigation, including what triggered it in the first place.

Crossfire Hurricane caused significant controversy after it sparked allegations that Trump colluded with Russia ahead of the 2016 election.

Of course, Trump and many of his supporters have been vocal in their opposition to what they dismiss as a partisan “witch hunt.”

The stakes are high

If purely political, the purpose of Crossfire Hurricane would apparently be both to slander the Trump campaign and provide a weapon to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, if the speculation is backed up by evidence, it could lead to widespread consequences reaching deep within the Obama administration.

Perceived political bias within the FBI has long been a concern, and Strzok himself was at the center of a serious controversy surrounding leaked texts that revealed his apparent disdain for Trump.

Of course, it still remains to be seen whether any lasting change will come from this legal battle even if evidence ultimately confirms the FBI probe was politically motivated.

So far, it seems that Judicial Watch is presenting a strong case against the FBI — but the stakes are high.

If skeptics are even partially correct in their belief that Crossfire Hurricane was politically motivated, it could mean that some high-level FBI officials are likely to go down. For that reason, the bureau’s fight in this FOIA lawsuit might not be finished just because of the latest ruling.

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