Fox’s Judge Napolitano says mail bomber is either incompetent or didn’t want the devices to explode

Exactly what was suspect Cesar Sayoc’s motive in sending pipe bombs out to high-profile Democrats?

While we still do not know that answer, Fox contributor and columnist Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the person that did it is “an incredibly incompetent person or an incredibly skilled person who wants to appear incompetent.”

The Bombs

The bomb scare started at longtime Democrat donor George Soros’s house and culminated with many high-powered Democrats receiving potentially explosive packages.

When all was said and done, though, the “bombs” were apparently never set to detonate.

This has everyone asking if this was just a scare tactic — or a way of lulling people into a false sense of security.

Judge Napolitano called it a real “head scratcher.”

Political Message

Speculation has already started to run wild as to the motivation of the man.

The judge believes the person is definitely trying to send some type of political message with the packages.

The media is already blaming President Donald Trump for the bombings, insisting that his rhetoric motivated Sayoc.

Once again, though, their assumptions are completely one-sided.

When violence was happening against conservatives, did the media ever blame the rhetoric of Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, and Hillary Clinton?

The answer is — of course — no.

What Now?

Now that authorities have arrested Sayoc in Florida, we will hopefully get some answers.

However, the next question is what happens to this person.

Judge Napolitano stated that since nobody was actually hurt, the death penalty is off the table.

Clearly, this person needs to be made an example of, though, as this type of “threat” is simply unacceptable.

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As much as conservatives dislike the modern liberal ideology, we need to make a difference with our votes rather than with violence.

This is the exact type of behavior that cost Democrats the election in 2016, so we cannot allow it to filter through our own party.

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