Judge Napolitano dials down rhetoric, says there is no ‘constitutional crisis’

After spending months going after President Donald Trump, Judge Andrew Napolitano suddenly appears to be reversing course.

As Democrats in office are calling Trump’s refusal to answer subpoenas a “constitutional crisis,” the Fox News contributor said it’s nothing of the sort: “It’s just a clash.”

Changing Course

For months now, Napolitano has taken a shot at Trump every chance he’s gotten. This was a monumental change of course for “Judge Nap” after he’d spent the last several years of defending Trump and his administration.

Indeed, most conservatives were stunned to hear Napolitano go after Trump, but some details soon came to light explaining the stark change.

According to reports, Napolitano was hoping to have Trump appoint him to the Supreme Court for the seat now occupied by Justice Brett Kavanaugh. When Napolitano did not get the appointment, he reportedly turned on Trump.

But since that information has come out, Napolitano has not had such a sharp tongue when addressing issues related to the president.

Constitutional Crisis

Meanwhile, high-ranking Democrat officials who were hoping Robert Mueller would give them something to use to impeach the president have turned to abusing their power in an effort to take Trump down.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has resorted to fear-mongering in an effort to get citizens behind his attacks against Trump.

On more than one occasion, Nadler has called the situation between his committee and Attorney General William Barr as a “constitutional crisis” and painted a picture of a White House that has become a monarchy.

Of course, Nadler failed to mention that what he and his fellow Democrats are asking Bill Barr to do — release Mueller’s report in full to them, with no redactions even for grand jury material — is actually illegal.

“By law, the attorney general did the right thing with respect to redaction,” Napolitano admitted on Fox.

Still, the judge urged the administration to file a motion to quash the subpoena, rather than just flat out ignore it, if they truly believe this and other subpoenas are politically motivated.

He also went on to say this is “just a clash” now because the battle is purely political. However, if this goes to the courts and either side decides to defy an official court order…well, that would be considered a constitutional crisis.

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