Judge Napolitano: Hunter Biden has a ‘political problem, not a legal one’

Over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of accusations thrown around about Hunter Biden’s overseas business activities.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano wants the public to quit speculating about it, stating that the issue is a “political problem, not a legal one.”

More Than Political

As much as Judge Napolitano hates Donald Trump, even he had to admit Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name.

“Is there the appearance of impropriety when you trade on your father’s name?” he asked. “Of course, there is. That’s a political problem, not a legal one.”

That may not be illegal, but for someone who preaches morality and ethics at every chance he gets, Joe Biden allowing and even promoting this type of scenario could ruin his chances of becoming president.

Anyone who thinks Hunter Biden would have landed that board position or gotten a billon dollar influx into his investment fund without his father’s influence is willfully blind.

It Is a Problem

When Donald Trump asked Ukraine’s president to check into the possible corruption of Joe Biden, he opened up Pandora’s Box.

Joe Biden’s public and political image took a significant hit, and even those loyal to the party and dedicated to destroying Trump are starting to ask questions about the former VP’s integrity.

If you need proof of that, consider just how much he has slipped in the polls recently.

The Bidens are supposedly taking the high road and refusing to comment. However, it’s more likely that they’re laying low because every time they open their mouths about the issue, they dig a deeper hole for themselves.

No, it may not have been illegal, but our vice president used his power for his son’s financial gain.

Just because Joe Biden did not directly benefit means nothing here, because someone in his immediate family was in fact greatly enriched by his willing exertion of influence.

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