Fox News’ Judge Napolitano accuses Trump of spreading ‘hatred’

Fox News star Judge Andrew Napolitano has once again decided to go after President Trump with the same narrative the Democrats are pushing.

Once a staunch defender and advocate of Trump, Judge Napolitano stunned fans by accusing Trump of unleashing a “torrent of hatred.”

Nasty Op-Ed

The op-ed written by Judge Napolitano on Fox News should be considered an outright attack against the President. Napolitano is more or less buying into every narrative the Democrats are pitching these days.

It is shocking that he expects Trump to sit back and allow himself to be viciously attacked with false narratives without hitting “the squad” back just as hard.

For some reason, everyone is of the belief that because the four congresswomen who are “the squad” are women of color, their politics cannot be criticized. But Tlaib, Omar, and AOC have all called Trump a racist, a bigot, etc.

They not only oppose Donald Trump but also basic American ideological beliefs. Furthermore, they constantly attack our country with anti-American rhetoric. What Trump said about and to them was not hateful, as Napolitano believes, but rather a blunt truth.

Hatred for Attention

One of the most damaging lines from Napolitano’s editorial is, “It [hatred] also captivates our attention.”

“Could that be the president’s wish – that we think about hatred of his targets rather than the testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who spent two years investigating the president and testified before two House committees Wednesday?”

Mueller’s testimony was a massive victory for Republicans… Even the liberal media has acknowledged that much, so this claim is actually baffling and disturbing at the same time.

Nobody voted for Trump to be politically correct or play nice.

We voted for him to shred Washington, drain the swamp, and to finally have a leader in office that would actually fix the problems facing America today.

Sorry if you cannot understand that, Judge Nap, but feel free to set up shop next to Nancy, Chuck, and The Squad, because that is where your loyalties clearly lie now.

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