‘Judge Judy’ tops ‘Jeopardy!’ in ratings despite Holzhauer’s huge win streak

Judge Judy normally dominates her time slot, but that nearly all changed with a massive win streak by a Jeopardy! contestant.

But even though Jeopardy had a double-digit increase, Judge Judy managed to eke out a close win in the ratings war.

And as Jeopardy! is likely headed for a plunge back to its regular spot on the list in the coming weeks, it’s likely that Judge Judy will stay on top.

The Winning Streak

Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer became a ratings workhorse for the show. Not since Ken Jennings ripped off 74 consecutive wins has any contestant created such a stir.

Holzhauer was not quite there, but his 32-show winning streak had everyone buzzing. Unfortunately, Holzhauer met his match when Emma Boettcher snuck past him.

The two went into Final Jeopardy separated by only $3,200, with Boettcher holding the edge.

Holzhauer decided to play it conservative in the hopes Boettcher would miss her final question, but she nailed it. She not only won $46,801, she also sent Holzhauer packing.

Judge Judy Sneaks By

The winning streak by Holzhauer was expected to dominate the time slot.

While it did well with a 7.0 share, it was not quite up to par with Judge Judy.

During the same ratings period, Judge Judy eked out a close win by pulling down a 7.1 share.

When the viewing report was broken down, it actually showed that Judge Judy more or less stayed on an even plane for viewership.

However, with the winning streak, Jeopardy! had improved by about 19 percent.

Now that the winning streak is over, ratings are likely to plunge back to far lower than current ratings, and Judge Judy will once again regain her comfortable lead atop the ratings.

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