Judge Jeanine drops truth bomb about ‘the Squad’

The four leading freshman congresswoman in the Democratic Party are getting a lot of headlines for their extremist beliefs.

With this in mind, Judge Jeanine Pirro warned that due to the popularity of the “Squad” and Democrats more or less handing them over the keys to the party, “we are close to losing this country.”

Who Elected These People?

Americans, by and large, used to be a very patriotic group of people. We never pretended everything was perfect with our country.

However, we acknowledged our failures and celebrated the evolution of the country in what we deemed to be better than every other country in existence.

Somehow, someway, that all changed in recent years. Now, the more popular sentiment on the left side of the aisle is that of shame.

Leading the way on that sentiment are on the four freshman congresswomen that have been dubbed “the Squad.” On the movement being spurred on by these four, Pirro stated: “A lot of Americans are fed up and I’m one of them.”

She went on: “We are close to losing this country. There is a plot to remake America by those who hate America, while everyone on the sidelines is freaking out over political correctness.”

Changing Our Country

When you look at the progress this country has made in it’s little more than two centuries of existence and compare it to the likes of the U.K., it is simply staggering. Why would anyone want to change that?

Instead of embracing it and working with Republicans to continue the march forward, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley are doing their best to rip our country apart from within.

Instead of working to create a better future for your family, they are working to support illegal immigrants and people too lazy to get off their couch. Everything these women stand for is contradictory to the exact things our Founding Fathers bled for in establishing our independence from the British Crown.

Americans need to refresh their memory on the Revolutionary War and the proceedings that led to the Declaration of Independence.

While it may be more than two centuries later, the language is eerily familiar to what is taking place today in our country.

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