Judge Jeanine praises Trump’s economic success in spite of critics

Since Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy years ago, his economic policies have been denounced by his political opponents, who felt his ideas would do nothing but ruin our nation’s economy. But luckily, President Trump still has his staunch defenders.

One of these unrelenting supporters of the president, Judge Jeanine Pirro, used the “Opening Statement” portion of her Saturday Fox program Justice with Judge Jeanine to share the great economic news of the day — and remind all of Trump’s detractors just how wrong their dire predictions had been.

Pirro criticizes Obama-era politics

Pirro began her remarks by reminding viewers that America “had nothing to lose” in the dismal economy prior to Trump’s election, noting: “The Obama folks called it a healthy economy, but there was barely a pulse.”

She then played clips of various Trump critics — including former President Barack Obama, failed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, billionaire Mark Cuban, and failed 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney — all of whom predicted that Trump’s presidency would result in utter economic disaster.

Yet, America now has “more jobs than people to fill them,” record low unemployment among blacks and Hispanics, and millions fewer enrolled on food stamps — but all the left can do is continue to rant and rave and protest the president’s every move.

Take a look at Judge Pirro’s full monologue:

Trump’s numbers on the up and up

Despite all of the “noise” coming from the left, Trump’s approval numbers continue to climb upward, largely due to the success thus far of his economic policies.

Pirro noted: “Despite a media focused on a whack-a-mole Trump/Russia collusion nonsense, and the haters continuing to hate, the outsider president has thundered forward with his ‘America First’ agenda.”

That agenda has resulted in a second-quarter GDP growth rate that none of the “experts” ever thought possible — 4.1 percent — and we’re on track for an average annual growth rate that hasn’t been seen in over a decade.

“What do ya have to say about that, Barack, Hillary and all you ‘geniuses’? We’re flying, folks,” the judge said. “This is the America Donald Trump had in mind when he asked us, ‘What do you have to lose?'”

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Judge Jeanine just dropped the hammer on all of the president’s critics and detractors who predicted that Trump’s economy would be nothing but doom and gloom for America.

Boy, were they wrong.

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