Judge Jeanine says Trump was right to fire James Comey

One of the points of focus by Democrats for their attempted case of obstruction of justice against President Trump is the fact that he fired then FBI Director James Comey.

After the recent release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General’s (IG) report, Comey did a victory lap, but Judge Jeanine Pirro ended any pretense that he’s actually been cleared of accusations of wrongdoing and pointed out that Trump was right for having fired him the first place.

Comey Firing Justified

While Democrats continue to rail about Comey’s firing, the facts are that Trump was very much justified.

As you may recall, there was already an extensive investigation into his dismissal.

After an initial report was made public, then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued a memo chastising Comey and backing the decision to release Comey from his duties.

The latest inspector general report makes it even clearer that Comey violated rules and deserved to be fired. Why Comey is so elated over the report is mystifying.

The Comey Victory Lap

The DOJ declined to prosecute Comey over the findings of the IG report, but neither was he let off scot-free. The report reveals that Comey purposely removed and secreted memos that were the official property of the FBI.

It also confirmed that Comey leaked information, in clear violation of FBI policy. However, Comey and the media are latching onto the line that he did not directly leak information, but that is pure semantics.

Comey gave the information to someone else with the intention that the recipient would in turn leak the information to the media.

The Washington Post headline was “New IG report rebukes Comey – and debunks Trump.” That headline is completely misleading, though, because the report did not actually debunk Trump’s claim that Comey leaked FBI information. Comey did leak classified FBI secrets, he just did not leak it directly to the media.

Comey thinks this report was a big win for him, but he nowhere near out of the woods. There are still several investigations ongoing that could prove to be problematic for him.

The biggest issue Comey will have to dodge is that he signed FISA warrants that relied heavily on a debunked report from a foreign agent. It remains to be seen how that will play out.

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