Judge Jeanine releases fiery opening statement: ‘Never underestimate this president’

Donald Trump lost some of his conservative allies in the media when he reopened the government, but Fox host Judge Jeanine Pirro was not one of them.

Pirro sent out a warning on her self-titled Fox show on Saturday to those on both the right and left who have criticized Trump’s decision: “Never underestimate this president.”

Making Hard Decisions

Most politicians base their decision making on whether their choices will affect their reelection campaigns — but that is not exactly how this president operates.

Yes, he does work to keep his base happy, but it is very clear now that some decisions have to be made — even if they set his base off.

That is what happened when Trump reopened the government on Friday.

Far too many people looked at this the wrong way and considered it to be a victory for Democrats.

Indeed, the news had barely been announced when memes of Trump with two black eyes started to make their way around the Internet.

Moreover, late night and liberal talk show hosts like Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel took a victory lap. Even people like Ann Coulter went after Trump for breaking a promise.

Fight Another Day

But these criticisms were unfounded.

The bottom line here is that Trump was struggling with Americans not getting a paycheck, and that was ultimately what led to his decision.

But most people seemed to miss was the fact that he did not agree to any long term budget.

All he did was give both parties three weeks to work out a bipartisan solution that he would sign.

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He also warned if that did not happen, he was prepared to take extreme measures to secure border wall financing — and members of his administration have doubled down on that threat in recent days.

It’s now up to Democrats to make a deal and keep the government open past Feb. 15.

In the meantime, one thing is for certain: while some members of Trump’s base may have turned their backs on him, Judge Jeanine is standing strong by the commander in chief.

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