Judge Jeanine Pirro returning to Fox News

Rest easy, conservative Fox News fans, because Judge Jeanine Pirro has NOT been fired from Fox News, just temporarily suspended.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting¬†that Pirro’s show is expected to return on March 30.

Fox News reprimand

Pirro’s apparent suspension came after some comments she made about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

The former judge questioned whether Omar’s wearing of the hijab is being done to adhere to Sharia law.

Considering the stances Omar has taken against Israel and U.S. foreign policies, it was not really out of line to ask.

The network, however, did not take it so lightly.

Fox immediately issued a statement saying it did not condone her remarks.

While the network did say it had addressed the issue in private with Pirro, no more information was given.

What to Expect When Pirro Returns

Pirro has always been someone that gets in the face of liberals.

She has never been shy about saying anything or challenging anyone.

Will that change now that Fox dropped the hammer on her?

Will there be an apology to Omar?

While viewers are definitely excited Pirro will be back on her show in a week, they will most certainly want to see the old Judge Jeanine.

If she is forced to issue an on-air apology and tone down her comments, it is not going to sit well with her fans.

Based on what the network has done with Tucker Carlson and other controversial hosts, like Tomi Lahren and Sean Hannity, it does not seem likely they will ask her to do that.

However, it is probably reasonable to assume she will dial it down a notch or two to avoid having this happen again.

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