Judge Jeanine Pirro has had ‘enough’ of Democrats’ cries of collusion, obstruction

“Are you fed up yet?” Judge Jeanine Pirro asked at the beginning of the opening statement segment of her Saturday show. If not, you should be.

According to the Fox News anchor, it’s time for Democrats to move on from their allegations of Trump-Russia “collusion” and obstruction of justice on the president’s part. Robert Mueller’s report exonerated Trump — and that should put an end of their cries of wrongdoing.

“Enough already. The system worked, the process is over. No collusion, no obstruction, full cooperation,” Pirro said. Take a look:

They Had Their Chance

What James Comey did in getting Mueller’s probe started is being compared to a coup to overthrow the president. But in the end, the investigation was a culmination of many moving parts that ended up falling short of its goal.

Still, even as the facts took him down one path, Mueller managed to leave a few crumbs on the path for Democrats to take elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the Democrats found those crumbs, and are now using them to continue their attacks against Trump.

As Pirro stated: “Enough already.” It is time to move on from this.

Demanding Justice

While Pirro wants the president to be able to put this debacle behind him, she does not feel the same way about Democrats and the players in this alleged coup.

Pirro is demanding that all of them be brought to justice for their crimes.

At the top of that list, of course, is James Comey.

Attorney General Barr has reportedly already asked the Inspector General to conduct an investigation into the origination of the collusion charges against Trump.

If that goes as expected, Comey is going to have some serious questions to answer for using the Christopher Steele dossier to support his FISA warrants.

It will not end there, however. This plot goes much further than Comey and players inside the Justice Department — it may lead all the way to the Obama White House.

For Trump, this may be over, but Comey and company are far from the finish line if Pirro has her way.

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