Judge Jeanine goes off the rails, spouts leftist talking points

With the tragedies of the past couple weeks, emotions are high. Unfortunately, some conservative figures are allowing their emotions to overrule their principles.

President Donald Trump has caved and advocated for unconstitutional regulations and policies. Now, Judge Jeanine Pirro has stunned her fans by also jumping on the gun-grabber bandwagon.

Stricter background checks

Instead of acknowledging that we have a culture issue in America, Judge Jeanine Pirro has joined the left in blaming guns.

Pirro said in an interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz, “In Australia, they don’t have problems like this. This is starting to be a uniquely American situation.”

Many gun-grabbers point to Australia as an example of what they think America should be. But Gaetz knew the idea is misguided.

“Nobody would suggest in the United States we would want Australia’s solution,” he said. “They confiscated all the guns. You know who did what Australia did? Venezuela.”

Totalitarians love gun control. Those who want to control the population unopposed always have attempted to disarm the population.

Constitutional threat

It may be hard to accept, but those who threaten our constitutional rights are enemies of the people. People like Judge Jeanine would do well to remember this before spouting off terrible ideas like these.

Trump also needs a wake-up call on this. He has called for seriously unethical red flag laws that completely undermine several principles of our nation.

Red flag laws place suspicion of criminal intent on people before a crime is committed. This is antithetical to the “innocent until proven guilty” principle. No one can be deprived of any constitutional right without being convicted of a crime first.

All conservatives need to stand vehemently opposed to these damaging ideas. Even if Trump advocates it, we should still oppose it.

Those who seek to strip us of our rights must be opposed on the issue. Right now, that includes our own president and many prominent conservatives. We must preserve our rights before all else.

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