Judge Jeanine exposes seven Republicans that voted for amnesty for illegals

Last week, Democrats passed a piece of legislation in the House that would grant amnesty for more than two million illegal immigrants in this country.

Shockingly, seven Republicans voted for the legislation, and Judge Pirro absolutely shredded them for doing so.

The Border Crisis

Congress has failed to protect Americans from the rising tide of illegal immigration at our southern border. In fact, they have actually encouraged it.

Offering amnesty for two million children may seem like the right thing to do, but the trickledown effect of such legislation is enormous.

The bill is being sold as a way to protect these children, but Democrats are hiding the fact that most every child also comes with parents, grandparents, and other family members. When the chain migration has been fully played out, that two million will be more like eight or ten million, if not more.

If legislation like this is passed, it only encourages more illegals to enter this country as a family unit, as well as individuals claiming to be family, because they see a potential out for them from legislation such as this.

For that reason, nobody, let alone Republicans, should actively support devastating legislation such as this, which is exactly why Pirro laid into the several Republicans that betrayed our president…

Traitors in the Party

Who were the seven turncoats? Reps. Don Bacon, Mario Diaz-Balart, Brian Fitzpatrick, Will Hurd, Dan Newhouse, Chris Smith, and Fred Upton are the guilty parties.

One of the more stunning names on that list is Rep. William Hurd. Hurd hails from Texas, so he is a first-hand witness to this border crisis. Yet he fails to help the president and by extension, his own constituents.

Every one of these so-called Republicans needed to be voted out when they come up for re-election.

Trump is having enough problems with Dems on this matter, he surely does not need members of his own party creating problems for him. As Pirro stated, “This is Donald Trump’s moment in history.”

The man did more in two years for this country than Congress has done in decades and we fully support his effort to continue to do so.

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