Judge Jeanine admits she’s feeling disheartened and disappointed

As a conservative, one cannot help but feel as though a gut shot is landed every time the headlines hit the wire about government corruption.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is no different, and recently stated that she is “dumbfounded, disheartened, and disappointed” with the current state of affairs, particularly in regard to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the recent inspector general (IG) report on the FBI’s 2016 actions.

The Revelation

Judge Jeanine made her comments after the inspector general report was released on how James Comey’s FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

On one hand, the report vindicated the firing of both Comey former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

On the other hand, it also proved the sad state of what was once one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the world.

Having dedicated the bulk of her adult life to the justice system, it is perfectly understandable for Pirro to feel upset at how the Justice Department has been acting.

Her disheartened feeling about the department is also more than likely why Pirro is pitching herself as a replacement for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Future Attorney General?

Several weeks ago, rumors started to surface that Pirro was looking to replace Sessions as the attorney general.

Trump makes no secret about the fact her show is one of his favorites on Fox News, so an appointment of Pirro is not exactly out of the question.

President Trump has also repeatedly leaned on individuals involved in the news industry for cabinet positions already.

However, Pirro would have to get approved, and that could be a challenge.

She has never held a political office, and her judgeship was limited to only two years in Westchester County.

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After leaving the bench, Pirro served as the District Attorney for Westchester County for more than a decade.

While there is no way to know for sure if she would be approved by Congress unless Trump nominates her, we can say for sure it would be a widely entertaining committee interview — and we’d love to see Pirro speak her mind in front of Congress.

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