Report: Judge Jeanine had lengthy fling with Texas detective Cody Cazalas

Fox News Channel’s weekend star Judge Jeanine Pirro has become well-known for her hard-hitting, straight-forward style of biting commentary and probing questions in her search for truth.

But a recent report would appear to indicate that Pirro may have been keeping a particular truth related to both her personal and professional life hidden away from the public — a lengthy affair with a Texas detective she befriended while writing a book.

According to the National Enquirer, that affair was just exposed to the public by virtue of witness testimony during a pre-trial hearing for Robert Durst.

Durst was a New York real estate mogul suspected in the potential death of his wife Kathleen, who disappeared in 1982.

He is currently facing charges of murder in the death of Susan Berman, a woman who once provided a deposition in his favor during the investigation of Kathleen’s disappearance.

The witness revealed that Pirro had engaged in an affair with Cody Cazalas, a detective looking into the 2001 beating death and dismemberment of Morris Black, who had been Durst’s neighbor in Galveston, Texas.

Pirro became acquainted with Cazalas while researching and writing her book on Durst, “He Killed Them All.”

The Enquirer noted that there had already been clues of potential romantic involvement between Pirro and Cazalas dating back to 2014.

At that time, Cazalas had posted pictures of the two on Facebook and noted that he had cooked dinner for the both of them, writing, “I made the homemade meatballs, but Jeanine wouldn’t let me near the sauce!”

It remains unclear if that relationship exposed by witness testimony is currently ongoing or has already been ended.

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To be sure, both individuals were said to be single at the time, so an affair between the two would not be as scandalous as some may attempt to portray it.

However, given Pirro’s history as the former district attorney for Westchester County in New York, and her adamant insistence on exposing the truth in all things, some may wonder why this alleged romantic affair was kept secret.

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