Judge Jeanine says the only ‘constitutional crisis’ is the one coming from Democrats

Democrats are trying to paint a picture that we have a rogue president worthy of impeachment.

But Judge Jeanine Pirro believes the opposite is true. According to Breitbart, she thinks that Democrats are the ones creating the constitutional crisis in this country — not our president.

Lawless Impeachment

For more than two years, Democrats have been trying to impeach President Donald Trump. Had any other Republican won the 2016 election, none of this would be happening. The reason Democrats are so furious is that an outsider came in to pull off the impossible.

A brash businessman and someone with no political experience made child’s play of a massive field of career politicians, dispensing of the Democrat party’s golden child.

It was an outcome they simply could not accept, and Democrats have worked diligently to right what they have perceived to be an egregious wrong ever since Trump was declared the winner.

The fact that the Russia collusion investigation came up empty should have been a wake-up call for most Americans, but it wasn’t, so Dems are continuing their attacks to unseat Trump from the presidency.

The Star Chamber

Pirro likened what Democrats are doing to a practice that ended more than four centuries ago. A Star Chamber was used to circumvent power and target enemies during the days of kings and queens. Pirro believes Democrats have turned the chambers of Congress into a modern-day star chamber.

It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but there is some merit to what Pirro is saying.

Look at Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who has repeatedly lied to the American people, kicked Republicans out of meetings, and prevented witnesses from testifying who could have countered allegations against the president.

The only way Schiff puts someone on the stand these days is if he fairly certain the testimony will hurt Trump, truth be damned.

As Pirro says: “To these radicals, truth is irrelevant. Their mission is to do whatever they can to rid themselves of a man they hate. They lie on the record.”

We are witnessing a modern-day coup, but the only people who realize this are Trump supporters, because everyone else has seemingly indulged in the Kool-Aid Democrats serve daily.

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