Judge Jeanine just put Hillary Clinton to shame: Go ‘back into the woods’

Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro just fired a significant shot across the bow of Hillary Clinton.

As more and more rumors surface about Clinton possibly considering a third presidential run, the judge dressed her down with her Opening Statement on Saturday, telling the twice-failed presidential candidate: “Hillary, the only place that you need to run is back into the woods.”

What Happened

“This week Hillary Clinton said Europe should no longer offer refuge and support to migrants. What? The woman either had a lobotomy, or she has been out in the woods too long,” Pirro said on Saturday’s edition of her self-titled Fox show, Justice with Judge Jeanine.

But the judge warned not to follow Clinton’s lead too closely.

“She has not seen the light. It is pure political calculus,” she added. “More than a flip-flop, it is the classic Clinton two-step. She wants to boost her base. The woman is desperate. There is even talk of a 2020 run. Hillary, the only place that you need to run is back into the woods.”

Pirro was no doubt referring to a passage in Hillary’s recently published memoir, What Happened, when telling the former secretary of State where to go.

In the book, Clinton tells her readers how she was able to deal the 2016 presidential loss: “Long walks in the woods, organizing my closets. I won’t lie, Chardonnay helped a little, too.”

2020 Decisions

But if she really is planning a 2020 campaign, Clinton would be well-advised to monitor all the problems Nancy Pelosi is currently having within her own party.

Many thought Pelosi would be a shoo-in for the House Speaker position now that the Dems have a hold on Congress, but there is some definite resistance.

A significant portion of the party seems to have realized that Democrats need new blood in the system if they are going to mount a serious threat to Trump in the next election.

Clinton, like Pelosi, represents everything that is old and broken in the Democrat party.

Her former primary opponent, Bernie Sanders does not have the support of the powers that be in the party, either.

There have also been rumors about Joe Biden running in 2020, but he is also a part of the history of the party many people believe needs to be put away in the next election.

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As Judge Jeanine pointed out, these old timers refuse to see the light when it comes to the 2020 election.

While most conservatives would love to see Clinton take another run, she would be well served to take some more long walks in the woods or she will be the architect of the destruction of her beleaguered party.

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