Judge Jeanine faces backlash during appearance on C-SPAN

Judge Jeanine did something last week that few would recommend she do again.

On Sept. 8, Judge Jeanine Pirro left the normally safe waters of Fox News and made an appearance on C-SPAN — and she was attacked at every opportunity.

Ill-Advised Decision

The surprise was not so much that Judge Jeanine made an appearance on a liberal-leaning outlet as it was how she was treated once there. Generally, programs will take steps to protect their guests from rude callers as a way to keep the conversation civil.

That, however, was not what C-SPAN had in mind, a fact that was made painfully clear by the host during the initial greeting of Pirro.

When Steve Scully, the host of the show, welcomed Pirro, he did so by asking her if her job was in jeopardy over an appearance with Bill O’Reilly on Newsmax TV.

Clearly, Scully was trying to act as though there is friction between Pirro and Fox News, but that is not the case. Pirro set him straight that she can appear wherever she wants and said she expects to be employed at Fox News for a long time.

Attack After Attack

The appearance did not get any better for Pirro, as C-SPAN lined up a bunch of callers that who threw some nasty accusations at Pirro.

The first caller actually had the audacity to say “Congratulations on your suspension from Fox News.” He then went on a rant attacking both Pirro and conservatives in general. It was a message filled with hate from beginning to end.

Another caller claimed that Trump and people like Pirro are responsible for the festering hate in this country because they attack people of color and immigrants. Pirro was more than happy to set the man straight and ripped him for even insinuating that she was a racist.

She also made it very clear his narrative was completely off base because nobody in the administration or on Fox News has been railing against legal immigrants, only the illegal ones. Pirro then recited her record on race, including the prosecution of a police officer who wrongly shot a minority.

The calls received by Pirro prove just how misinformed most Americans are on the situation because of the twisted narrative being spewed out of the mouths of Democrats.

While nobody would ever recommend Pirro do another appearance like this again, she held her own and proved both the media and Democrats are partners in this misinformation campaign about the Trump administration and its stance on immigration.

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