Judge Jeanine on Iran: ‘The days of appeasement are over’

To listen to Democrats, President Donald Trump is unquestionably the aggressor in this escalating situation with Iran.

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro just set the record straight, however. According to Breitbart, she said that Trump gave Iran ample warning and that the days of appeasing and tolerating the conduct of the Middle Eastern nation are now over.

The shadow war

That everyone in the media is making Iran out to be the victim here is rather amazing. For decades, this country has been terrorizing the United States.

General Qassem Soleimani had orchestrated dozens of attacks against our bases and interests through the years, always taking a big enough bite to generate outrage, but not so much as to prompt an outright war.

When Trump took office, he had Soleimani’s elite Quds Force designated as a terrorist group, essentially categorizing the general as the leader of some of the deadliest terrorists on the face of the earth.

The act of taking him out should have been received in the same manner as the assassination of Osama bin Laden, but that obviously has not been the case.

Iran was warned

Democrats are now saying that Trump should have taken the diplomatic route in dealing with Iran. To that, Judge Jeanine countered on her Saturday program:

He tried everything, and economic sanctions were imposed, themselves recognize the appropriate responsible action in the spectrum of diplomacy.

When Democrats were demanding action for a U.S drone being shot down earlier in 2019, Trump was the one who called off the strike right before it was to take place, because he deemed risking significant numbers of lives to be a disproportionate response to an unmanned drone being taken out.

Democrats tore Trump up in the media over the decision, but now, after taking out a terrorist leader, they are losing their minds saying that he went too far, too soon.

When our intelligence communities found out Soleimani was planning imminent attacks, Trump had seen and heard enough, so the strike on Soleimani was ordered.

Pirro celebrated Trump’s show of strength, saying, “the days of appeasement are over.”

“We now have a president who negotiates strength, not from weakness,” she added. “A man who has exhibited tremendous restraint while constantly being provoked by Iran. His red line was the killing of an American and true to his word, it was only then that he responded.”

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