Judge Jeanine apologizes for mistakenly false report on Nancy Pelosi

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s exclusive interview with President Donald Trump this weekend did not exactly go as planned.

Pirro was forced to walk back a mistakenly false report she made during her self-titled Fox News show on Saturday alleging that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spending the weekend in Puerto Rico.

Pelosi’s office immediately reached out to Pirro insisting that Pelosi had been in Washington working all weekend, though over two dozen other Democrat leaders did make the trip to the island.

Bad Reporting

Pirro made the biggest mistake of all in journalism: she did not actually verify reports she’d read on her own.

While talking to Trump, Pirro hinted that Pelosi’s concern over the shutdown was tepid at best, since she was enjoying a weekend away in Puerto Rico.

When Pelosi’s staff corrected her, the Fox host made an official apology on Twitter.

Of course, liberals lit her up for not checking the facts, but that is about par for the course right now.

Unlike her counterparts on liberal outlets, at least Pirro admitted her mistake and took ownership over it.

Hitting Trump Hard

Pirro and Trump have had a long and very positive relationship to this point.

There were even rumors at one point that Pirro could play a role in this administration.

So when Pirro blindsided Trump with a question about Russia, both the president and viewers were stunned.

Judge Jeanine flatly asked the president if was working at the behest of Russia.

Trump called her question “the most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked.”

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This was supposed to be Pirro’s shining moment with the president, but many would concede that at the very least, portions of her interview were a complete disaster.


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