Judge forced to order Minneapolis to hire more cops amid massive crime surge

For several years, the radically progressive “defund the police” movement gained enough steam to pressure city leaders around the country to hamstring the budgets of their local law enforcement agencies, in what many believe is a politically expedient method to appease their constituents.

As it would turn out, defunding police departments wasn’t the best idea, as evidenced in cities across America that are experiencing spikes in violent crime as a result. According to Fox News, the situation has become so serious in Minneapolis that a judge was forced to order the city to hire additional police officers to tackle the growing “crisis” of increased crime. 

A city in “crisis”

Minneapolis, which was one of the hardest-hit cities by the destructive, anti-police protests that erupted after the death of George Floyd there last year, hasn’t seemed to be able to recover.

Crime has become so bad within the city that it forced a group of eight plaintiffs, who took their case to the conservative-leaning Upper Midwest Law Center for help, to file a lawsuit with the intent of forcing the city to bolster the ranks of its police force.

“Minneapolis is in a crisis,” the plaintiffs wrote, pointing to a spike in crime over the past year.

“We have demonstrated the statistical uptick and now this is the legal action we are exercising because it seems as if the City Council cannot hear us and doesn’t feel what we feel,” wrote Don Samuels, a former member of the Minneapolis City Council.

Adding to the crisis is the unfortunate and expected reality of an increased number of police officers leaving the force in search of new careers or departments in areas that don’t suffer from such an extreme, anti-police climate.

Judge drops the hammer

Hennepin County District Judge Jamie L. Anderson clearly felt the same as the eight plaintiffs who had to go as far as suing the very city in which they live to bolster its law enforcement ranks.

In the judge’s ruling, Anderson ordered Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and the Minneapolis City Council to “immediately take any and all necessary action to ensure that they fund a police force.”

The ruling added that the city will be required to hire enough personnel to have at least 730 sworn officers in the department by the end of June 2022, or .2% of the population depending on the published results of the 2020 Census.

As far as the city’s response, local outlet Fox 9 reported that Minneapolis city attorneys are currently reviewing the judge’s orders. No further information was available at the time of this writing.

It’s truly a shame that American citizens are forced to take the time and resources required to legally force their own city into providing adequate public safety so that they can carry out their lives without increased fear of becoming a victim of violent crime, but as they say, this is Biden’s America.

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