Judge blocks New York state from sharing Trump tax returns

President Donald Trump has scored yet another victory in the federal court system.

A temporary order has been issued from a federal judge to block the House Ways and Means Committee from being able to obtain Trump’s tax returns from the state of New York.

Changing Environment

During the early days of these legal battles, it seemed as though every decision that was handed down was against Trump.

Recently, Trump has been lucky enough to draw more conservative judges, who are not allowing the Democrats to weaponize the justice system.

Since Trump has not released his federal tax returns, the Democrat-run House Ways and Means Committee decided it would go a different route to get Trump’s financial information.

The committee went to the state of New York to get them. President Trump immediately filed a lawsuit to block the move. The temporary order holds off a final decision until New York officials are able to argue their case.

For the time being, Trump is able to claim victory, but it may be short-lived based on how the case proceeds.

Invasion of Privacy

This notion that a presidential candidate must turn over his or her tax returns is completely bogus. While it is something that has been done traditionally for decades, it is absolutely not mandatory.

Now, Democrats are making up reasons to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns, citing the fact that they want them to see if new laws are needed to prevent a president from turning a profit off the presidency while in office.

Trump is now also facing challenges regarding state ballots. More than a dozen blue states have enacted laws to block any candidate not showing his or her tax returns from being on the primary election ballot.

California’s governor actually just signed legislation to that effect, which will no doubt be challenged in the courts.

Most pundits believe this legislation will be negated, as there is a precedent, not to mention the fact it is an invasion of privacy as the public simply does not have the right to see these tax returns if the candidate does not want to share them.

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