Judge blocks release of Mueller grand jury testimony

The Trump administration breathed a sigh of relief late Tuesday after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals announced a favorable decision.

For now, the release of the unredacted grand jury testimony from the Mueller investigation will remain protected, the Daily Caller reports.

Temporary Ruling

Democrats were frothing at the mouth as they were only hours away from the DOJ being forced to turn over grand jury testimony. Then, in a stunning turnabout, the D.C. appeals court halted the motion in order to consider the DOJ’s appeal to keep the documents under seal.

By law, grand jury testimony is protected, but Dems are trying to find a loophole in order to get their hands on the testimony. Ultimately, they’re hoping to find a thread on which they can pull to hurt Trump and spin another negative narrative.

The court decision reads, “The purpose of this administrative stay is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the emergency motion for stay pending appeal and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits of that motion.”

This in no way means this is an outright win for the administration, but it does give the DOJ more time to prepare its argument to permanently block Dems from obtaining the testimony.

The Bad News

Before anyone starts to pop champagne bottles, take note of the wording used by the three-judge panel in that decision.

The judges went out of their way to make it clear this is not an overall victory for the Trump administration. They are merely following procedure and giving the DOJ an opportunity to make its argument.

What you should realize is that all three of the judges sitting on this panel were appointed by former President Barack Obama. If there is one thing we have seen consistently during this rather tumultuous time in our country, it is that partisan politics have infiltrated our judiciary.

With all three of these judges owing Obama for their current position and considering the wording of the decision, it would seem likely these judges have already made up their mind.

It would be a true shock if this panel rules in favor of the DOJ after it makes its argument. The next deadline for this is Friday when the House Judiciary must reply to the motion filed by the DOJ.

Once that is filed, the DOJ will have until November 5 to issue its response, at which time a final ruling will be made.

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