Judge clears path for audit of 145K absentee ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County

Many Democrats and those who make up the ranks of the left-leaning corporate media establishment have worked overtime to put the allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election in the rearview mirror — but over the past several weeks, the subject continues to surface.

According to Breitbart, in an effort to rule out potential fraud and ensure voter integrity in upcoming elections, a Georgia judge has ordered that an audit of some 145,000 ballots can proceed in the state’s Fulton County, which was a hotbed of political contention after the 2020 election given how election officials in the county handled the influx in absentee ballots.

“Serious doubt”

In the wake of Georgia Superior Court Judge Brian Amero’s ruling that the ballots can be audited — specifically to examine ballot signatures to ensure they’re legitimate — former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) issued a statement on the decision through her voter advocacy group known as Greater Georgia.

“Voter confidence in our election system is the bedrock of our republic. Unfortunately, inconsistencies in Fulton County’s November 2020 absentee ballots cast serious doubt on voters’ faith in our elections,” Loeffler said, as Breitbart reported.

“The integrity of future elections is critical, and Judge Amero’s decision is a helpful step in restoring transparency, accountability, and voter confidence. We look forward to the findings and their role in promoting transparency and rebuilding faith in our elections,” the Georgia Republican added.

Garland Favorito, a voting integrity advocate and government watchdog who filed the lawsuit in Fulton County to have the ballots unsealed will, reportedly have the ballots carefully examined by experts. However, the ballots were ordered to be kept with county election officials throughout the process.

Amero’s ruling stayed in line with his take on the matter earlier this year, at which time he said, “We want to do this in such a way that dispels rumors and disinformation and sheds light. The devil’s in the details.”

It’s not the only audit

Early efforts by lawyers who either directly or indirectly represented former President Donald Trump and his campaign overwhelmingly failed to make any headway on dozens of allegations of voter fraud across a number of key swing states.

However, in Maricopa County, Arizona, another ballot-related audit is in the works, as the county is currently undergoing a complete forensic analysis of the county’s ballots after state-level Republicans convinced a judge to allow it. Much like the case in Georgia, it was argued that the audit is necessary to ensure the integrity of future elections.

Proponents of the Maricopa County audit have met extreme resistance from leftist groups and politicians. Some state Republicans reportedly claimed that election officials tampered with voting equipment prior to its delivery to the Arizona Senate, among other gripes.

Trump has paid close attention to the Arizona audit, even claiming in a statement that one of the voter databases was intentionally deleted prior to the beginning of the audit, according to the Associated Press.

While the results of these audits ultimately won’t change the outcome of the 2020 race, it’s certainly important to weed out potential foul play in order to ensure a cleaner and smoother process in 2022.

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