Mexican judge and prosecutor assassinated after cartel leader dies in prison

President Donald Trump was right about how dangerous conditions are at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Two high-profile figures in the border war — prosecutor Erika Dolores Granados Flores and Judge Ibarra Torres — were reportedly assassinated in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas earlier this week.


When you cross the cartel in Mexico, there is a price to be paid.

In most cases — regardless of who you are — that price is death.

Both of the individuals who were murdered were known for taking on the cartel head on.

While not confirmed, their deaths are believed to be retaliation for the murder of a cartel leader.

Why It Happened

Reports stated the body of Juan Alfonso “El Gafe” Vasquez Canto was found hanging in his cell.

The judge in that case was reportedly Judge Torres.

The prosecutor? Flores.

Many believe the Torres and Flores were attacked because they were instrumental in his imprisonment, which ultimately led to his death.

This is the type of madness we are trying to prevent from happening in this country.

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If our borders are wide open, this violence will slowly but surely leak into our own streets.

Democrats beware: this is where your policies will take us.

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