Juanita Broaddrick vents on Twitter after House impeachment vote

There is one voice that always seems to set the internet on fire when it comes to the Clintons — and it belongs to Juanita Broaddrick, an alleged rape victim of Bill Clinton. When the impeachment vote came down, Broaddrick came forward and tweeted a blunt observation on the topic that almost broke the internet.

Broaddrick’s insights

The one thing that always seems to be missing from our government is accountability. Our government officials, be they elected or appointed, always seem to get away with just about anything and are rarely, if ever, held accountable.

If Hillary Clinton had been a military officer during Benghazi, she probably would have been court-martialed. Instead, because she was tagged as the heiress apparent to Barack Obama, she did not even get so much as a slap on the wrist for the deadly debacle.

Of course, there is also the blatant corruption of Obama himself, which is never even questioned by the media. If we are learning anything from the impeachment, it is that the origins of the anti-Trump coup went all the way to the top.

Broaddrick brought up this very point on Twitter recently.

Sadly, though, nobody really seems to care about any of this.

Accountability needed

For decades, the Justice Department has not only allowed all of this to happen, but there have been players on the inside who have been heavily involved in this mess.

Look no further than former FBI director James Comey for proof of that. His FBI was either completely inept or totally corrupt — you choose — but regardless, he should have been held accountable for abusing the FISA process in 2016 to spy on the Trump campaign.

Current Attorney General Bill Barr has said all the right things so far, but he has yet to really do anything to move the ball forward on government accountability. Still, we see Justice Department officials escaping indictment or being reprimanded instead of losing their jobs.

Hopefully, Barr will eventually deliver on his promises when John Durham’s investigation into the Trump–Russia collusion probe concludes sometime next year.

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