Juanita Broaddrick slams Hillary for calling out Trump

Hillary Clinton made a big mistake this week in a misguided effort to call out President Donald Trump.

After Hillary tweeted that “the president is not above the law,” social media blew up calling her out for the hypocrisy of her comments, including Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick…

Did She Really Just Say That?

One might immediately think to themselves, “Hillary is the pot calling the kettle black,” but that would not be appropriate here because Democrats have yet to provide evidence Trump actually did anything wrong.

That is far from the case for Hillary, though. When it comes to obstruction, there may be no better example in modern history than Hillary Clinton.

How much further could someone have possibly have gone to hide evidence? She poured chemicals over her servers to erase emails she knew investigators needed.

Her team used hammers to destroy cell phones so the information could not be recovered.

And Then There Is Bill…

Sadly, Hillary Clinton is only one part of the equation here.

She seems to have forgotten her husband actually was impeached!

Hillary also seems to have forgotten about his rather inappropriate behavior in the White House as well as the numerous women that have come forward to claim he assaulted them.

Hillary has the amazing ability to simply forget everything she did and hold both herself and Bill up as an example of how public officials are supposed to act.

This woman will do anything and everything she can to try to remain relevant in today’s political world.

The reality, though, is nobody in the country really cares what Bill and Hillary have to say anymore, especially when the message is dripping with hypocrisy.

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