Juanita Broaddrick slams Bill Clinton’s request for ‘dialogue’ in Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong have reportedly taken to the streets to fight police brutality and encourage democracy in communist China.

Former President Bill Clinton reacted to that news with a tweet saying that “the world is closely watching” and he hopes a “dialogue” will soon open to avoid further violence. Now, Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused the former president of rape, is calling Clinton out on his hypocrisy.

She tweeted Thursday:

The Hong Kong Protests

The protests in Hong Kong started in March in response to a new extradition bill that had been proposed by the Chinese government — and by June, the demonstrators had become a massive force.

With larger groups protesting, police donned riot gear and tried to disburse the large crowds using tear gas and rubber bullets.

By mid-June, the focus of the protests had started to shift. In addition to the new legislation, protesters now wanted to address the issues of alleged police brutality against them.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is no longer classifying these marches as protests, and is now considering them to be riots.

Bill Clinton Chimes In

While not as severe — at least not yet — as the situation in Rwanda when Clinton was in office, there are some similarities here. After the Rwandan president was killed, violence overtook the nation, with Hutus killing Tutsis.

The U.S. government under Bill Clinton refused to classify these killings as genocide, which earned them widespread criticism.

But in fact, Bill Clinton had made the decision to avoid getting involved completely, a move that is often considered to be one of the most epic fails of the Clinton administration.

That being the case, it is rather odd for Clinton to chime on an issue like this, considering how badly he failed at a very similar situation during his own time in office. Is he trying to distract from something?

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