Fox News’ Juan Williams slams MSNBC reporter for bogus Trump story

In a surprising turn of events, anti-Trump Fox News host Juan Williams is being reasonable for once. This week, he blasted another member of the media for reporting a fake news story about the president.

After MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell admitted that he reported on a story about Trump that wasn’t substantiated, Williams called him out for the “outrageous statement.”

More Fake News

Every journalism major is taught that they should never go public with a single-source story. This, however, is exactly what O’Donnell did, according to Fox News.

While appearing with Rachel Maddow, O’Donnell reported that his “source” had seen Trump’s tax returns used to secure a Deutsche Bank loan. That source told him the tax returns showed that Trump paid very little in taxes and that Trump had needed a co-signer for his loan.

The “bombshell” part of the story was that O’Donnell’s source reported that the co-signers on the account were Russian oligarchs.

O’Donnell then stated that this, “if true,” would explain why Trump has had so many friendly things to say about Putin and Russia. There was one problem, though: the story is completely false.

Pushing Back

The story had no sooner aired when a Trump attorney sent a letter to MSNBC demanding it be retracted. The lawyer said it was public record that Trump was the only signer on the loan, something that could have easily been checked if the reporter had done his homework and tried to vet the story.

And Williams seemed to agree.

“I mean by his own admission he really didn’t have the story,” Williams said of O’Donnell. “No journalist in America would say ‘a single source’ and that you haven’t gone to your editors and nobody has vetted this story.”

But the Fox host didn’t stop there. He went on to rip today’s journalists for often reporting stories that they want to be true rather than the truth.

In a normal world, O’Donnell would at the very least be suspended, if not fired. But in today’s world, it would be a surprise if he receives anything more than a slap on the wrist.

After all, the liberal media needs to make sure it keeps all of its soldiers in the field so it can continue its efforts to undermine the president and push the never-ending negative narrative against him.

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