Fox’s Juan Williams criticizes Trump’s fast food dinner for Clemson team

Liberals were outraged when President Donald Trump announced that college football champions Clemson University would be served fast food at the White House to celebrate their win amid the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Fox News contributor Juan Williams even finally admitted he’s a liberal, calling Trump’s move the act of a clear narcissist and saying that the president was “like Willy Wonka at the Chocolate Factory.”

A Fine Idea

Williams’ criticism of the president — like most other critiques — is astutely unfair.

First and foremost, there is virtually no staff working at the White House right now to prepare meals because of the shutdown.

Rather than stiff the Clemson football team, Trump gave them a buffet of everyone’s favorite fast foods.

Keep in mind, Clemson is now infamous for holding their own pizza party to watch playoff announcements — a gathering that could hardly be called a gourmet feast.

Moreover, knowing they love pizza, it was a pretty safe assumption on the part of the president that these kids would enjoy the fast food.

Trump To Blame – Again

But as usual, liberals found something wrong with Trump’s plan.

Reggie Bush event sent out a tweet alleging that it was an insult to the Clemson team to feed them that way.

However, anyone that saw the pictures of the event knows this could not be further from the truth.

The entire team was laughing it up, and they were photographed taking stacks of food home with them.

Williams even tried to say that the president was just trying to save money by ordering the cheapest thing possible since he was paying for it out of his own pocket.

(Considering how much food was on that table, I really don’t think “cheap” is the best word to describe this man.)

Sexist Angle

During his speech to the team, President Trump said he was also going to serve a salad made by the first lady.

Of course, liberal pundits labeled that quip sexist.

If you look hard enough, you can find fault with just about anything — and that’s exactly what the liberal media intends to do.

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Why can’t the media let this man rest and take his actions at face value for once?

President Trump tried to create a fun and memorable experience for the Clemson team.

This is something they will remember and talk about for the rest of their lives — no doubt, with smiles on their faces.

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