Fox News host Juan Williams announces exit from ‘The Five’

A prominent fixture on Fox News Channel’s The Five is calling it quits.

As he revealed on the air this week, Juan Williams will no longer appear as a co-host after nearly seven years in the role. He announced the departure during the final segment of Wednesday’s show.

“It’s time for one more thing and I have an announcement,” Williams said in video shared by the Daily Caller. “This is my last day hosting The Five.”

“Thank you so much”

That does not mean he is leaving the cable news network altogether, however.

“As the show goes back to the New York studio I’ll be staying in D.C.,” Williams explained. “I’ll be working for Fox out of Washington, my work as a Fox News political analyst will continue.”

He signed off for the last time with a statement of gratitude for the audience.

“The show’s popularity has grown every single year,” the Fox star said. “So thank you, thank you so much. To you, the viewers, thank you.”

“Not a long-term option”

As for his reason for departing, Williams’ announcement included a suggestion that the ongoing public health crisis played a role, including his acknowledgment: “COVID taught me a lot of lessons.”

Fox News provided additional context, revealing that Williams requested the arrangement.

“We accommodated his request, understanding and appreciating his desire to remain closer to his family, recognizing that a remote co-hosting role on a roundtable in-studio program was not a long-term option,” a network statement asserted, according to The Blaze. “While we will miss his insightful contributions each night and look forward to welcoming him on set whenever he’s in New York, we are pleased to have him continue his longtime role as a senior political analyst with Fox News Media.”

Williams, who served as a left-leaning voice on the otherwise generally conservative panel, will be replaced in the short term by various liberal guest hosts until a permanent replacement is found.

Last month, he took a swipe at his own network over conservative media’s willingness to promulgate debunked news narratives, adding: “It just worries me, like last week we had the hamburger story, ‘Oh, Biden is going to take your hamburger.’ [Vice President] Kamala Harris’ book is being given to immigrants. These stories are false, but the right-wing echo chamber starts going crazy because you can go after a Democrat.”

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