Fox News’ Juan Williams accuses Trump of ‘race-baiting’ in op-ed

To say Fox News’ Juan Williams dislikes Donald Trump would be a massive understatement, but his latest op-ed definitely seems to cross a line.

Williams wrote an op-ed for The Hill ending any pretense that he’s an impartial news anchor. In the article, he accuses Trump of race-baiting as well as accusing Trump and his supporters of silencing prominent black voices.

The Accusations

Williams starts his op-ed with a powerful quote by President George Bush’s former secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. During a recent interview, Rice stated, “It sure doesn’t feel worse than when I grew up in Jim Crow Alabama.”

She went on: “So let’s drop this notion that we’re worse [at] race relations today than we were in the past… I think the hyperbole about how much worse it is, isn’t doing us any good. This country’s never going to be colorblind. We had the initial, original sin of slavery. It’s still with us.”

Williams cleverly frames this as a direct criticism of Donald Trump, but that is not the case. Rice is commenting on the overall situation today where the fault lies just as much with liberals as people like Williams deem to be the fault of Trump and his followers.

Just More Lies

Williams points to the fact that most of Trump’s supporters are white to back his accusation of Trump being a racist.

Since Trump is a Republican, he is obviously going to have less support than a Democrat candidate in minority communities, but Trump does have significant support.

His numbers in the Hispanic community are uncharacteristically high for a conservative and his support about all blacks is also fairly high considering the racist narrative Democrats continue to ascribe to Trump.

At the end of his article, Williams questions if black voices can even be heard in the age of Trump. He should look within his own party before criticizing Trump supporters on that topic.

Look how liberals have tried to shutdown Candace Owens during her appearances. Or, recall Coleman Hughes being booed by black members of the audience during a congressional hearing.

Owens is regularly lambasted by liberals who do not agree with her and Hughes was called an Uncle Tom for opposing reparations. Look on any typical conservative website and these voices are applauded, not silenced.

The silencing of the minority voice has nothing to do with Trump supporters or the president and everything to do with liberals shaming anyone that is not willing to hold the far-left line.

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