Joy Behar says ‘God forbid’ Trump live another 20 years – quickly walks back comments

Joy Behar of The View can’t help herself from wishing that bad things happen to President Donald Trump.

While discussing updated death tolls from Hurricane Maria and the Bob Woodward’s recently released book on theTrump administration, Behar stated: “If [Trump] lives another 20 years, God forbid if he lives another 20 years…”

Of course, the audience members thought it was funny — but Trump’s supporters thought otherwise. Take a look:

Walking It Back

After Behar made her comments, the show went to commercial break.

Apparently, during the break, the higher-ups must have called down to the producer, because Behar walked her comments back.

Behar said: “I don’t wish the President ill, I really don’t.”

“I just want him out,” Behar added.

Liberal Delusions

The problem with most of these panel members is they take every word Trump says literally.

Obama regularly kidded around with the press and it was always taken as a lighthearted comment.

But when Trump says something that is clearly a joke, it blows up in his face.

His comments are often twisted to suit a narrative as well.

One of the hosts commented on Trump’s remarks about preventable deaths in Puerto Rico.

She made it sound as though Trump personally allowed these people to die, but that is not what happened.

There was a systematic infrastructure failure on the part of the local government that failed the citizens of Puerto Rico.

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We are still seeing horror stories about how provisions were held back at a local level rather than being disbursed to those that needed them.

Be very careful about what you hear on TV and read in the news these days because there is very good chance a liberal is twisting to villainize Trump and push their narrative.

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