Joy Behar hospitalized after accidentally stabbing herself

Another one of President Donald Trump’s adversaries got a little taste of bad karma.

Over the weekend, The View co-host Joy Behar stabbed herself with a knife and was forced to stay in the hospital for treatment.

The Stabbing

Behar was reportedly cooking when the incident happened.

She was trying to remove the pit from an avocado.

As far too many others have done before her, the knife slipped and went directly into her hand.

Normally, this would not be considered a serious wound, but Behar is far from normal.

She apparently got a small infection in the wound, which required an extended stay.

Doctors put her on an antibiotic drip to treat it.

After missing a day of work, the 72-year-old liberal returned to work on Tuesday.

A Break

Trump fans that watch the show no doubt welcomed the break from Behar’s constant jabs at the president.

Behar, along with several of her co-hosts, have made attacking Trump part of their daily routine.

One of the more recent attacks happened during a show discussing Trump being spied on.

Behar actually stated Trump should have been happy the government was illegally watching him.

Arguments such as that are the reason nobody with any sense can ever take anything this woman says seriously.

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She is among the many liberals that claim Trump is NOT their president.

While we would never wish anyone harm, we do wish she had taken a few more days off so we would not have to hear more of her nonsensical rants.

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