Joy Behar wants Trump brought up on charges for hate speech

Let’s face facts… The ladies on “The View” are not exactly impartial when it comes to Trump.

Co-host Joy Behar is now demanding that Trump be “brought up on charges of hate speech” for his critical comments about the “squad.”

There Was No Hate Speech

The Democrats’ allegations of racism and hate speech against Donald Trump are getting completely out of control.

Trump never called for violence or used hateful or racist language against these Democratic congresswomen. He simply pointed out the fact that if they don’t like America, they’re free to go elsewhere.

In fact, after the rally where some Trump supporters shouted “send her back” about Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump stated he did not like the chant at all.

He may not like what these women are saying, but he clearly believes in the freedom of speech and their right to say it.

What About Hate Against Conservatives?

The really shocking thing here is that people like Behar call for Trump to be brought up on hate charges, but they neglect to acknowledge their own hateful rhetoric.

How many celebrities have called for violence against Trump?

If Trump calling out the “squad” for their constant attacks against this country is encouraging violence, what about people like Robert De Niro, who said he wants to punch Trump in the face?

Do they not think a De Niro fan might be influenced by that? What about the hateful rhetoric that has come from the set of “The View” itself? What about Maxine Waters encouraging people to confront Trump cabinet members in public when they see them?

With every passing day, liberals and Democrats continue to expose their hypocrisy and thankfully, Americans are finally starting to get it.

We can only imagine, though, how much worse it will get once Trump wins re-election and Democrats realize their time in power is officially over.

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