Two ‘activist’ journalists who have been critical of ISIS, Assad killed in Syria

The assault on journalists opposing ISIS continues.

Raed Al Fares and Hamoud Junaid, two “activist” journalists, were shot and killed in Syria on Friday.

The Cost of Speaking Out

Journalists here in the United States think they have it tough because the president is demanding they stop printing fake stories.

When CNN’s Jim Acosta had his White House press pass taken away for putting his hands on an intern, one would have thought he had been stuck in a windowless cell for the rest of his life.

But these “fake news” journalists have no idea how good they really have it.

In Syria, if you print a dissenting opinion, you are killed — period.

After the two journalists were killed, the Syrian Journalists Association released a statement that read in part: “Both of the men who were killed were pioneers of civil society and brought the free voice to the world through the famous banners of Kafr Nabl.”

At this time, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the killings.

However, it seems that this attack was carried out by ISIS or ISIS supporters.

The Man

Of the two journalists killed, Fares was the more prominent, due to his radio show and stance for democracy in Syria.

In 2013, he set up Radio Fresh to update citizens on the conflicts in the country.

He regularly called for protests. but always wanted them to be peaceful.

Fares efforts did not go unnoticed by ISIS, who reportedly captured and tortured him about a year after he launched Radio Fresh.

He has often been described as one of the prominent faces of the Syrian revolution.

While realizing that his situation was very serious, especially after his abduction, Fares still managed to have a sense of humor.

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He once told a friend he could not buy a car because it would end being “his grave.”

The deaths of these two men did not go unnoticed by our government, with our embassy in Syria releasing an official statement on Fares’ death:

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